What is Manufacturo Machines?

Manufacturo Machines (formerly eBox) is a comprehensive equipment monitoring solution that can be deployed in a few days. Track Performance, Quality, Availability, Tasks and Alerts on any machine.

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Alerts about shopfloor issues

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Tracks the current status of production equipment

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Provides real-time OEE insight

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Creates automatic reports and data exports

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Allows easy access on your phone, tablet or PC

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Keeps everyone informed with data in the cloud

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Scales to your evolving needs


A closer look at Manufacturo Machines

Manufacturo Machines interface is easy to configure and use. Its assortment of metrics, options and thoughtful features aid in keeping production running smoothly.

  • Includes ready metrics

  • Allows modifying and configuring new metrics

  • Enables classification of downtimes and defects

  • Measures planned and unplanned downtime

  • Facilitates personalization of screen layout

  • Provides reports on-premises and in the cloud with data analysis capabilities

  • Communicates notifications on-screen or via email


Easy Implementation

  • Manufacturo Machines is an affordable first step towards Industry 4.0

  • Light and flexible, it’s designed to adopt to existing equipment and effortlessly grow with your production needs

  • No need to wait, installation is fast and production data is available immediately, anytime and it’s always up-to-date


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